Lari Saukkonen

Creative developer, entrepreneur and a computer science student with minor in economics


Full-stack developer with a passion on frontend development



Examples of my work

Examples consists of my publicly available work that i can display. Additionally i have made private in-house applications.

Applications and projects


Exercise marking system for faculty of social sciences. Co-work of 6 man team.

Made with React, Redux, Semantic-ui and Ruby.


Android application for location sharing. Only requires web-browser from the receiver. Easy and intuitive to use.

Native android application.

Modular hydroponics system

IoT project for plant hydroponic system automation and sensor data tracking.

Key technologies and hardware iclude arduino, angular.js, node.js and MongoDB

Voluventure - voluntary work for youth

SomeJam hackathon 2015 shared first place. Application made for finding and posting voluntary work positions.

Key technologies include angular.js, node.js and MongoDB and boostrap

Artificial intelligence project

Data structures and algorithm project for making an AI for rock-paper-scissors game

Made purely with Java and AI uses a Prefixtree to aid itself in data analyzation and desicion making.


Lakiasiaintoimisto Advantum

Fresh modern responsive website for legal firm with custom article section and chat application integration.

Made with flexbox with almost no javascript used on the site on top of processwire CMS.

Asianajotoimisto Maria Pöyhönen Ky

Clear modern website for attourney.

Made with flexbox with almost no javascript used on the site.

Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy website

Mid-sizes water construction company website with beautiful images and modern responsive outlook

Key technologies include Boostrap, Processwire, Javascript and PHP

Photography / 3d

Nature gallery on Shutterstock

All-season images about beatiful finnish nature.

3d conceptual gallery on Shutterstock

3d images about housemarket, heating and renewable energy.

Personal projects

Self made recumbent bicycle

I made the bike entirely myself without any former welding experience. Total cost was around 200$ and i was able to reach 38kph average speed in a 20min run with it.

Upcoming: Electric fatbike project

Currently at planning stage on creating a 1kw electric motor powered fatbike.

At the moment enjoying my 250w Urban rambler and sending inqueries on Trafi about registering the upcoming project as a legal moped.

Contact information

Lari Saukkonen